Roll on to Tummy Time

I keep seeing posts about Tummy Time, and how important it is, and how often we need to do it etc. But very few people mention this very important tip – don’t place your baby on her tummy; roll her over. Our baby is slightly delayed in her gross motor skills at 3 months, and […]

Ready for solids?

Technical jargon is a general problem – you meet someone in a field, and they start using words that sound completely foreign (I should know. I’m a biologist.) It’s worse when the technical terms are in English, but have very specific meanings. You think you’re communicating, but are you? Us FTMs (First Time Mom) have […]

Toys for a newborn baby

When we were buying things and preparing for the baby’s arrival, it didn’t occur to me that we needed toys. Fast forward 6 weeks after her birth when she stopped sleeping all the time, I realized that I had nothing to entertain her with. How do you entertain a baby who can’t even raise her […]

Going back to work

I thought I had the logistics down: at 10 weeks, I decided to go back to work part-time. I have 16 weeks of maternity leave, and I’m planning on taking the last 6 weeks part-time. That means working about 4 hours each day, which translates to pumping once at work. It seemed doable. It seemed […]