Buying equipment for breastfeeding

I’ve been breastfeeding for 7 weeks now, and I’ve been purchasing my breastfeeding equipment along the way. I thought I should share the list of what I have purchased, when I purchased it, and how long I’ve used it for. The reason I didn’t buy everything at once is because I wasn’t sure I was […]

Simethicone gas drops work!

Just a quick update to the gas issues our baby is having. She was miserable, trying to force out the gas, so we decided to try simethicone gas drops. These are available OTC from your favorite stores like Target and CVS. The recommended dose is usually 20mg, although the frequency of the dose might depend […]

Gas, projectile poop and fussiness

I’ve seen the word ‘gas’ many times in the books and websites I’ve been reading about babies, but it’s usually connected to colic. Since not all babies are colicky, I skipped reading up about gas…but you shouldn’t. Gas is more than colicky baby. It’s projectile poop and a phobia of opening up a diaper, until […]