4 month sleep regression and sleep training

My daughter slept well from day 1 (possibly thanks to the Rock and Play), and it was a breeze nursing her to sleep. Some time approaching the 4 month mark, we encountered the dreaded 4 month sleep regression. In her case, the 10 min nursing session became 3 nursing sessions of 20 min, where she […]

Roll on to Tummy Time

I keep seeing posts about Tummy Time, and how important it is, and how often we need to do it etc. But very few people mention this very important tip – don’t place your baby on her tummy; roll her over. Our baby is slightly delayed in her gross motor skills at 3 months, and […]

Transition from Rock and Play to crib

We kept delaying trying to transition our baby from the RnP to the crib because we were afraid that she would stop sleeping through the night. The RnP is supposed to be good for babies up to 25lbs, but everyone will tell you that it’s not quite true. At 4 months and 15lbs, our baby […]

Ready for solids?

Technical jargon is a general problem – you meet someone in a field, and they start using words that sound completely foreign (I should know. I’m a biologist.) It’s worse when the technical terms are in English, but have very specific meanings. You think you’re communicating, but are you? Us FTMs (First Time Mom) have […]

Toys for a newborn baby

When we were buying things and preparing for the baby’s arrival, it didn’t occur to me that we needed toys. Fast forward 6 weeks after her birth when she stopped sleeping all the time, I realized that I had nothing to entertain her with. How do you entertain a baby who can’t even raise her […]

Supplemental nursing system

While preparing for my baby’s arrival, I spent a lot of time on internet forums (I still do!) trying to get a sense of what kinds of problems people have and how to solve them. Something that came up a few times, often accompanied by an exclamation of how few people know about it (including […]

You should not be freezing breastmilk

If you are freezing fresh breastmilk and feeding your baby previously frozen milk everyday, you may want to reconsider why you’re doing this. Because this is what everyone else is doing? There are too many articles out there teaching you how to generate a freezer stash of breastmilk, and too few articles explaining why frozen […]

Accidental Sleep Training

I first heard about sleep training through Pamela Druckerman’s book Bringing up Bebe. I was pregnant back then, and looking for more of a story than a fact-filled book to read. In her book, I learned about sleeping the night, and other excellent things that French kids do, like be polite and eat everything. The […]

Cluster feeding, comfort feeding?

In preparing to breastfeed, I read many books that talked about cluster feeding – which is when the baby wants to feed very often for a few hours over a stretch of days prior to a growth spurt. It’s a challenging time since the baby wants to latch so often, but important because she needs […]